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Kohler varia suit render

"A Kohler brother collaboration... render test I did of my Samas[sic] model within a "movie set" of one of my brother's (Rick Kohler) Metroid Prime levels" - Gene Kohler[1]

Richard E. Kohler, also known as Rick Kohler, is a video game artist and veteran of the Gulf War. He worked at Retro Studios as a senior artist from 2000-2003 alongside his brother, Gene Kohler, on Metroid Prime. The Kohler brothers both created the Varia Suit model, with Rick doing the scene level geometry and textures. It is unknown whether Rick Kohler produced other work in Prime. He also worked at Ion Storm, Microsoft Game Studio and Edge of Reality.

From 2012-2018, Kohler was the lead environment artist at Epic Games, where he developed the remaster of the Metroidvania game Shadow Complex. As of 2018, he works as a freelance.

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