I've located a survivor in Room MW toward the rear of the Bioweapon Research Center. Whoever it is will be a key witness. Secure the survivor's safety.

Adam Malkovich, giving orders to Samus Aran

Room MW is a room toward the rear of the Bioweapon Research Center on the BOTTLE SHIP. Commander Adam Malkovich informs Samus Aran of a survivor in said room, wanting her to recover this person. The 'MW' presumably stands for 'Metroid Warriors', as this was where the Queen Metroid is kept and where most Metroid experiments presumably took place (although the Metroids actually lived in Sector Zero).

The room itself is fairly large with several tanks scattered throughout the room. Along the walls are several smaller rooms with testing equipment inside each one. These rooms can each be locked from the inside.

Samus finds the real Madeline Bergman hiding in one of these chambers, keeping the door locked. When Madeline sees Samus, she panics and moves to a console in the small chamber, releasing the Queen Metroid. After the creature is killed, the room is partially wrecked (from the effects of the Power Bomb used against the Queen) and Madeline's lone hiding place is torn open and she starts to run away from Samus, forcing Samus to chase her through Room MW and a few other rooms before finally catching up with her.


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