Ruined Courtyard is a room in Phendrana Drifts in Metroid Prime. It is a very large, open room, its floor covered with water that is frozen over in most places.


In the center is a tall stone structure; the three upper doors can be reached from its top. A number of small ice platforms are in the water, some floating, some stuck to the ground, and these aid in reaching higher areas of the room.

At each end of the room is a spinner on a ledge: if Samus rotates these with the Boost Ball, a Bomb Slot is activated and three hatches high up in the room open. She can then reach the Bomb Slot via some ice platforms and detonate a bomb in it, which causes the room to fill with water from these hatches. The floating ice platforms rise with this, and for the small period of time before the water drains, it is possible to reach other ledges around the room.

Following the ice platforms to the far end of the room from the Bomb Slot, there is a small ledge with a Morph Ball tunnel entrance in its wall; this leads to a small rectangular room containing an Energy Tank. The ice platforms can also be used to reach ledges around the central tower, leading to its top, where there are a number of crates. From here, the three upper doors can be reached, two with Space Jump and one with the Thermal Visor and Wave Beam in combination.

Alternatively, a Spider Ball Track provides a quick route up, to the Specimen Storage door, and to the other doors from there.

Once the Spider Ball has been collected, Flying Pirates are present around the top of the room.

A Secret World can be found in this room: [1]


Flooded courtyard

The Bomb Slot at the base of the room.

Connecting roomsEdit


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