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Mp mf soundtrack back
I think I made the BGM when you are being chased by the SA-X the most hysteric. Please check it out.

Minako Hamano (Nintendo Online Magazine, March 2003)[1]

SA-X Appears is a music track in Metroid Fusion (so named in the Metroid Prime & Fusion Original Soundtracks) that plays when the SA-X is nearby. It consists of both a slow, stealth theme, and a frantic theme that plays whenever the SA-X has detected Samus's presence and is chasing her. Both themes stop playing when Samus or the SA-X has left the room. The track was composed by Minako Hamano, who described the chase portion of the track as the "most hysteric" she had done for the game. Aside from the times where the SA-X is pursuing Samus, the frantic theme also plays when the Restricted Laboratory is about to be jettisoned and locked down, mostly because of the SA-X attacking the Metroids (although unlike the other times it is playing, the SA-X completely ignores Samus).

The track can be heard here: [1]


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