Specialist M. Angseth was a member of GFMC Task Force Herakles. She was the only female member of Squad Bravo, and idolized the famed Bounty Hunter and fellow woman, Samus Aran.

Angseth once mentioned Samus's attack on Zebes during a meal time with the other Troops. Another trooper, PFC I. Crany, found it difficult to believe that one hunter could take out an entire Space Pirate base on their own. It is implied Crany dislikes of Angseth, as he states in his personal log: "if Angseth wants to believe in this Samus, or Bigfoot, or Santa Claus, she can." This suggests that Samus is the stuff of legends during the events of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes due to her amazing missions.

It is thought that Angseth died in the Trooper Security Station where she performed her guard duty, just outside the G.F.S. Tyr's landing site. The exact cause of death is unknown, although she was likely overcome by the Dark Splinter attack on the GFMC Compound. Angseth's final log suggests her last moments were filled with feelings of injustice and irritation. She felt she could exceed many of her peers in combat, and was annoyed to be confined to the Security Station to instead send reports and "stare at a holoscreen".

Logbook entryEdit

SPC M. Angseth

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Logbook entry

This is ridiculous. I can outshoot half the men here, and I'm stuck on monitor duty. I didn't join up to stare at a holoscreen! This wouldn't happen to Samus Aran... She'd be out there taking care of business, not pushing buttons and sending reports.


  • Curiously to note is that the trooper bodies whose armor is mostly not intact, have chipped visors with visible faces, although Angseth's visor is completely blacked-out. Because of this, some theorize that the specialist may have, in fact, survived the encounter. However, debunking this theory is the presence of flies around Angseth's body, which suggests her corpse is still there, and the lack of more evidence of her survival. The other troopers' visors, apart from Captain Exeter's, were all completely intact, which is probably why their bodies are still present. Another reason that this theory is false is that Samus finds many dead Marines with blacked-out visors in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, especially on Norion. In Corruption, at least one of the dead Marines is shown to have a visor that is flickering between the standard blue color and black. This implies that there is a power source which gives the visor its blue color. The Dark Troopers have blacked-out visors as well, so Angseth may have been possessed and killed by her squadmates.
  • Another woman, Lily Thran, is seen in Episode of Aether as a survivor of the Splinter attacks.
  • Angseth mentions being confined to staring at a "holoscreen" in her final log. However, there are no screens in the Trooper Security Station, so what she was referring to is unknown. It may suggest that the Log was not recorded in her final moments and this "holoscreen" is elsewhere in the Splinter Hive.

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