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Sacrificial Chamber Tunnel is a room in Dark Torvus Bog from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. It simply serves as a connection between Sacrificial Chamber and Undertemple Shaft. Half of the room is occupied by a large patch of a mutant strain of Venom Weed, and the other by Ingsphere Caches.

The Aetherian version of this room is Training Access.

Connecting roomsEdit


Ingsphere Cache
"Morphology: Ingsphere Cache
Living storage units of the Ing Horde.
The Ingsphere keeps useful items in a dimentional pocket. The pocket can be breached by destroying the Ingsphere."
Venom Weed
"Bioscan complete.
This is a mutant strain of Venom Weed.
Poisonous plant retracts into the ground if threatened. Adapted to life on Dark Aether."

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