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Samus Eater Buds (サムス イーター (つぼみ) Samusu Ītā (Tsubomi)?) (or Samus Eater Spores[1]) are unbloomed flowers that appear once in Metroid Fusion, during the battle with Nettori in Sector 2. They are a pair of small, unbloomed flowers at the top of the overgrown chamber, that repeatedly open and fire spores to try and keep Samus from damaging the mother plant. Samus must repeatedly use Power Bombs or shoot the spores to stay on the platforms and avoid falling into the below Samus Eaters. After Samus blows off the Nettori's front, the buds explode.

These buds are similar to the pods found on the ceiling of Spore Spawn's room, which release spores in a similar fashion. However, these are more round.


Spore Spawn bud

Spore Spawn.

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