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Sandfangs[1] are large, worm-like ambush predators that inhabit the desert area of the Pyrosphere. They poke their heads out of the sand to determine Samus' position and distance, and then burrow underground and attempt to attack her from below, tossing her in their jaws and dealing significant damage. The worms will also attempt to lunge at Samus or spit large spheres of what appears to be mucus if their target is nearby. Their lunging attack can sometimes backfire by causing the Sandfang to leave the ground entirely- nearly immobile once above the surface, the worm will squirm helplessly for a few seconds before it can return to its burrow.


  • The ambush behavior and wormlike physiology of the Sandfang are shared by the Fune and Nahime, as well as the Sandigger species.
    • The Sandfang also resembles the Graboids from the Tremors movie series.



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