Scan Pulse pickup

Scan Pulse in Aeion Ability Artifact form.

The Scan Pulse is the first Aeion ability in Metroid: Samus Returns. It is acquired in Surface. When used, Samus is enveloped in a blue orb which releases outward in a pulse, revealing Map data over a 9x9 square range around her, and breakable walls, floors or blocks within that range will begin flashing and beeping for 10 seconds. Pressing A before the pulse is released cancels use of the ability. As with other Aeion abilities, using the Scan Pulse consumes Aeion. If a Metroid is in a nearby room when the Scan Pulse is used, the creature will emit a roar which can be used to locate the Metroid. This ability is somewhat similar to the Scan Visor and X-Ray Visor from the Prime Series, and the X-Ray Scope in Super Metroid.

However, the use of the Scan Pulse leaves a permanent mark on the Map screen, showing the areas that were scanned with the Aeion ability.

Official dataEdit

Metroid: Samus Returns boxartEdit

"Briefly reveal nearby breakable objects and map info."


"Select with [D-pad up]. The surrounding area will be revealed on the touch screen map, temporarily showing the location of breakable blocks.

  • Expends Aeion energy when used."

Aeion Abilities dataEdit

"Scan Pulse uses Aeion to scan an area. Use it to reveal map information and the location of breakable blocks. Press [D-Pad up] to equip. Press [A] while equipped to activate. Cancel by pressing [A] again before the pulse is released."