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Scan Pulse pickup

Scan Pulse in Aeion Ability Artifact form.

The Scan Pulse is an Aeion ability in Metroid: Samus Returns. When used, it allows Samus to see new information on her Map and detect Fake Blocks. As with other Aeion abilities, using the Scan Pulse consumes Aeion. When used, Samus is enveloped in a blue orb and breakable walls, floors or blocks will begin flashing. This ability is somewhat similar to the Scan Visor and X-Ray Visor from the Prime Series, and the X-Ray Scope in Super Metroid.

Aeion Abilities dataEdit

"Scan Pulse uses Aeion to scan an area. Use it to reveal map information and the location of breakable blocks. Press [D-Pad up] to equip. Press [A] while equipped to activate. Cancel by pressing [A] again before the pulse is released."


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