A Scatter Bombu.

Scatter Bombu are creatures in Metroid Prime. They are found in the small cylindrical corridors scattered throughout Tallon IV. They are used by Space Pirates to patrol corridors.

An extremely similar enemy is found in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, called Diligence Class Drones. Unlike the Diligence Class Drones, however, the game states that Scatter Bombu are living electricity charged beings that use energy fields to gather foodstuff. If Samus charges any beam weapons the Scatter Bombu will sense the charged energy and attempt to feed off of it. Getting close to one will cause visor interference.

Because Scatter Bombu are complex and living electric fields, the only way to kill them is to disrupt their bodies with the Wave Beam. Their bodies are large purple orbs with what appears to be electric charges inside of them. 4 other oval shaped bright pink orbs surround their bodies in a 3-sided pyramid form.

Scatter Bombu are also somehow related to Pulse Bombu, although why Pulse Bombu are free roaming and Scatter Bombu aren't is not known. Pirate Data found in the Phazon Mines indicate that Scatter Bombu and Pulse Bombu perform reconnaissance for the Space Pirates.

Scatter Bombu can be found in Ice Ruins Access, Canyon Entryway, Temple Entryway, Hydra Lab Entryway, West Tower Entrance, Aether Lab Entryway, Lower Edge Tunnel and Lake Tunnel.

Logbook entryEdit

Scatter Bombu scanpic

Scatter Bombu

Metroid Prime

Temporary scan

Morphology: Scatter Bombu. Pulsing tendrils of energy extend from creature's body.

Logbook entry

Like all Bombus, these creatures can only be harmed by electrical energy. Proximity to these life-forms may result in electrical Visor interference. It is possible to avoid engaging Scatter Bombus by rolling into the Morph Ball and slipping between the rotating energy seams.


  • Though this species produce electrical fields, they can somehow enter water without being visibly affected, and this may indicate they are able to contain their electricity.
  • A way to get past these enemies is to go into Morph Ball mode and roll past them in order to avoid visor interference.