Crateria sciser

A Sciser in Crateria.

Scisers are clawed, amphibious predators found on Zebes. After the planet's destruction, clones of the creatures were grown on the Biologic Space Laboratories research station's Sector 1 and Sector 4, where they were later infected and mimicked by X Parasites.

Biology and BehaviorEdit

Scisers are three-eyed crustaceans found inhabiting the Crateria and Maridia regions of Zebes. They move around at varying speeds on small legs, with their large, curved claws perpetually raised. There are three different breeds: Scisers found in lower Brinstar have green carapaces and red eyes, while those found in Crateria tend to have yellow eyes and green carapaces. Those found in Maridia's depths are orange-shelled, with green eyes. They typically crawl continuously in a single direction at varying speeds: Some move as slowly as Zoomers, while others move quite rapidly.

Metroid - Fusion 2

Uninfected Blue and Gold Scisers in Metroid Fusion.

The cloned specimens on the BSL station were blue and gold in color; it is unknown whether this coloration is natural. As Samus investigates Sector 4 following the X-Parasites' breakout, these specimens will often become infected by passing X-Parasites.



An X mimicking a Sciser.

The physiology of X-infected Scisers differs radically from that of their hosts: Gone is the third eye, and their shells grow thicker and spikier, with enlarged claws capable of shooting arcing projectiles. Coloration also changes radically, with the carapaces turning grey, the legs blue and the enlarged claws purple. Said claws are also now capable of releasing arcing projectiles, which the Sciser-X do intermittently while moving in repetitive left-to-right patterns. They can be found crawling around on the floor, walls, or ceiling of Sector 4.

In rare cases, a Gold Sciser-X will form. These are much stronger than their average counterparts, and their claws can block some of Samus' weaponry.

Official Data Edit

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide Edit

Enemy Data Description
Color HP ATK E BE M SM PB Crateria/Maridia. Slow-moving crab-like creatures. Sciser aren't much of a threat.
Normal 200 120 1 39 0 0 60



  • There are withered, rotten corpses of Scisers in Lair of Draygon, which were presumably devoured by the Evirs and Draygon itself.
  • This species shares some similarities with the Tallon Crab, as they are both crustaceans which possess three eyes.
  • It is unknown as to why there were Sciser-X in Sector 1, given that Scisers were native to Zebes and Sector 1 replicated the environment of planet SR388.
  • Scisers are one of the few enemies easily dispatched with the Grappling Beam; this can help make short work of them in earlier encounters.
  • Metroid Fusion: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide refers to Scisers as a "crablike creature".