Scorchbugs are insects native to Bryyo. They survive on Fuel Gel. Because of this, they are fragile and will explode if hit by any type of weaponry. They are found in Bryyo Fire and Bryyo's Leviathan.

They are similar to, and may even be closely related to the Snatchers also found on Bryyo.


Logbook entryEdit



Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Temporary scan

Morphology: Scorchbug
Tiny insects that feed on Fuel Gel. Explode when shot.

Logbook entry

Scorchbugs are exclusively found on Fuel Gel-producing planets such as Bryyo. The tiny insects subsist entirely on the volatile gel. Like many creatures with this diet, they have taken on the ignitable characteristics of their food source. When shot with any type of weaponry, they burst into a small explosion, leaving behind only a scorch mark. It is from this trait that they have earned their name.



A group of Scorchbugs

*The log scan mentions the Scorchbug being native to many Fuel Gel producing planets. It is unknown how they were able to reach and spread on multiple planets, though it is possible they stowed away on ships transporting Fuel Gel.
  • In Temple Reservoir, the creatures are seen crawling out of an unscannable hive-like object before crawling into another one.

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