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Scrapvault Lift is a room in Pirate Research in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


This room features an Elevator that goes upward in a diagonal fashion. A gate blocks Samus' path, but there is a way around this: a tunnel in the wall can be used to get around the gate, but it is blocked by a hatch. Samus can destroy it with her Charge Beam. The tunnel will take her into a chamber where she can find the power switch to the gate. Shooting it will lift the gate and allow Samus to continue. Under the floor, liquid Phazon is visible, and a Phazon Grub may be seen.

Connecting roomsEdit


"Access hatch appears structurally weak. Heavy weapon fire will destroy it."
Power switch
"Security hatch controls. A strong impact might be able to activate the power switch."
"Security hatch locked. Unable to open from this side. Locate the hatch controls."

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