Scritters are creatures found on the Pirate Homeworld. They live in dark areas and only come out to feed on Phazon. Most of them contain a toxin within their organs that is released when bitten. They are often found in large swarms.

Due to their small size, they cannot be locked onto.

It is known that Pirate Militia, most likely due to malnutrition, tend to feed on these creatures by catching them in simple traps. But of course, the poison that they excrete often make the desperate Pirates ill; those afflicted are said to be suffering from a case of the "the scritters".


Logbook entryEdit



Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Temporary scan

Morphology: Scritter
Phazon-feeding vermin that usually travel in large groups.

Logbook entry

Scritters are common vermin that are usually found underground. They tend to nest in dark places and come out only to feed. Their main source of sustenance is Phazon, a weakness pirate slaves use against them. Scritters will often be caught in simple traps set out by the starving pirate slaves who then feed on the small creatures. But the pirates rarely have the last laugh, as some internal organs of the Scritter will release a toxic fluid when bitten. Those who become violently ill because of this are often said to have a case of "the scritters".


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