Section 4 Gravity Block
MB first form

Section 4 Gravity Block is the room in which MB's original body was stored, in Sector Zero, in Metroid: Other M.

Named on a hologram in the Bioweapon Research Center's main room, MB's android body informs Samus Aran of Project Metroid Warriors when they reunite in the center. A hologram is projected from the room's main computer displaying information about the room, including multiple issue reports, but a message repeatedly states no issues have been detected.

Samus never got to explore this room, as Adam detached the sector rather than her.

Screen textEdit

"Section 4 Gravity Block
Levels 12-17
Report issue 0041
Report issue 00"

"System check complete
Report issue 0070
No issues detected"

"Report issue 0006
Temperature 9°C ~ 11°C
Humidity 5% ~ 8%"

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