BSL Sector 1

A map of the BSL Station's Sector 1. Includes all item and boss locations.

"Sector 1" may also refer to Sector 1 / Biosphere.

Sector 1 (SRX) is a sector of the Biologic Space Laboratories research station in Metroid Fusion. It is here that Samus Aran fights the Fake Chozo Statue and Neo-Ridley, and explores it at the beginning of her mission and at the end. Most of the sector is rocky with a few plants, with one area filled with lava, all reminiscent of SR388 itself, as this sector is meant to imitate the planet. There is also a Tourian-like part of the sector where Neo-Ridley is fought. Adam reveals that the sector's main purpose is for the Metroid Breeding Program (creating an environment similar to the Metroids' homeworld that allowed them to molt naturally and reach the Omega level rapidly using an unknown formula).

Power UpsEdit

Main article: Sector 1/Items



  • There is another unidentified liquid substance present in the Tourian-like section of SRX (Beta Acid). This seems to be the same substance found in Zebes' original Tourian HQ in the aftermath of its destruction.
  • This sector, despite being a replication of SR388, contained very few bioforms native to SR388. This can be explained by the near (if not total) destruction of the planet's ecosystem by the X Parasites and possibly Metroids (given the latter's dangerous nature), making Galactic Federation Researchers' task of collecting varied specimens from SR388 a difficult one.
  • Part of this sector leading up to Neo-Ridley is very similar to Tourian. This makes it similar to Sector Zero on the BOTTLE SHIP, which was also designed to replicate Tourian. Like Sector Zero, the Tourian-like area was probably meant for Metroid propagation. Sector 1 was not known to have a Mother Brain replica, however.

Official dataEdit


"This sector reproduces the environment of planet SR388."



"Sector 1 was designed to recreate the environment on planet SR388, the native habitat of the X Parasite. Since the explosion, however, Parasites have contaminated the Sector's atmospheric stabilisers. One of Samus's first missions is to bring the stabilisers back online."


"The atmospheric stabilisers in Sector 1 have been taken over by X Parasites. As a result, the ecosystem is thick with fumes."


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