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BSL Sector 2

A map of the BSL Station's Sector 2. Includes all item and boss locations.

Sector 2 may also refer to Sector 2 / Cryosphere.

Sector 2 (TRO) is the tropical sector of the Biologic Space Laboratories research station in Metroid Fusion. It has a humid climate and has a jungle environment, housing various creatures. It is also the largest sector on the BSL station. Sector 2 is the first sector where Samus encounters a SA-X. It is also where Samus fights Zazabi and Nettori.

When Samus first visits the Navigation Room in this sector, Adam tells her about the SA-X and how much of a threat it is to her. Samus's first mission in Sector 2 is to unlock the Level 1 security doors. When she has done this, she is able to download Bomb data and eventually fights Zazabi. It is during this visit that Samus first encounters an SA-X.

Samus later visits Sector 2 to search for the source of the vegetation choking the Reactor Silo's components. Upon entering the Sector, she encounters an SA-X once again, and is forced to evade it. She eventually finds Nettori, a strange plant-like creature and the source of the overtaking vegetation. Once she defeats it, as well as its Core-X form, she obtains the Plasma Beam. The Reactor Silo then comes back online.

Power UpsEdit

Main article: Sector 2/Items



Official dataEdit


"This sector is used to research creatures living in humid habitats."


"SA-X wreaks havoc in Sector 2, releasing hazardous parasites throughout the environment."


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