BSL Sector 3

A map of the BSL Station's Sector 3. Includes all item and boss locations.

Sector 3 may also refer to Sector 3 / Pyrosphere on the BOTTLE SHIP.

Sector 3 (PYR) was a sector of the BSL Space Station in Metroid Fusion. This sector simulates ultra-heated environments, such as volcanic and desert habitats, with heat levels rising far above normal in certain rooms. Many different heat-loving species such as Gerudas and Novas live there.

The Main Boiler Control room was located in this sector. If it were to melt down, it would cause an explosion large and hot enough to set off the auto destruct explosives on the station. The X learned this through absorbing scientists aboard the station, and they tried to set it off to eliminate Samus, their primary threat. This would have meant suicide for the X onboard the station, but it would also give the X on the surface of SR388 a fighting chance for survival. Samus ultimately stops the meltdown just in time, and recovers the Wide Beam.

This sector also contained the security override for the station's Green Hatches.

Power UpsEdit

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Official dataEdit


"This sector is used to research creatures living in extremely hot habitats."


"Sector 3 consists of arid desert environments and magma-filled caverns. Temperatures are too extreme for most lifeforms."


  • This is the only sector of the station that has no X infestation when Samus first enters it, though unlocking the Green Hatches allows them to invade the sector.
  • PYR is likely named after Pyro, a Greek root referring to heat and fire.
  • Sector 3 has the same sector number as the likewise fiery area on the BOTTLE SHIP, the Pyrosphere. It is the only BSL sector to demonstrate this parity.