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Sector 3 (PYR) High-Temperature Zone Area (セクター3(PYR)高温地帯エリア?) is a theme from Metroid Fusion. It was composed by Minako Hamano and Akira Fujiwara.

Sector 3 (PYR) High-Temperature Zone Area is the main theme of Sector 3, and will play throughout the sector. However, the theme will not play if there is an ongoing event that causes a different theme to play, such as Facing a Huge Reaction or Sector 3 Restore the Cooling Installation Timer Mission. In the endgame, it is permanently replaced by Last Instructions.

Sector 3 (PYR) High-Temperature Zone Area is a slow and atmospheric song consisting largely of low male choir, heavy drumbeats, and cymbal crashes. It evokes the heavy and suppressing feeling of sweltering heat throughout the volcanic and desert-like environments of Sector 3. Stylistically, it is rather similar to other songs such as Lava Caves (Burning Trail).

Sector 3 (PYR) High-Temperature Zone Area can be heard here: [1]