Security Station is a room in SkyTown on Elysia. It appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


This room has two main sections. One is a curvaceous hallway containing gearworks that serve to assist the mechanism that keeps the structure aloft in Elysia's atmosphere. The other is a vertical shaft containing two Wall Jump Surfaces. The sections are separated by an Orange Door, and are interlaced by pipework which Samus can access with the Morph Ball, after she melts the metal blocking it.

Connecting roomsEdit



Security Station Elysia 3

The main hallway area, where the Ship Missile Expansion can be seen.


"This mechanism of gear wheels is only a small section of the entire unit that keeps the pod afloat."
Meltable Metal
"Scans detect the alloys within this metal are vulnerable to heat. High-temp shots could melt it."
"This section of pipework has weakened and crumbled, exposing a small opening."
Maintenance platform
"Maintenance platform has shut down and is now stuck in its current position."


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