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Shaktool (known as DORI in Super Metroid's game data) is a robot located in Maridia. It helps Samus get the Spring Ball by swinging its arms with mounted excavating gears in order to break through a tunnel of impenetrable hardened Sand. It has no appearances outside of a single Chamber in Super Metroid. It is a very mysterious machine, but its crude design suggests that it may have Space Pirate origins. The Shaktool can be destroyed by shooting at the razor-like implements that form its "feet". These same implements will damage Samus if she runs into them. Strangely, if Samus uses the Speed Booster to run at the Shaktool, she will go right through it without damaging herself or the Shaktool.

Official dataEdit


Shaktool ingame.

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's GuideEdit

"There's only one in the game. It will dig a path for you."

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