A shimmering wall containing a Chozo Lore entry.

A shimmering wall is the means by which Chozo Lore is recorded in Metroid Prime. They are carvings in walls with elaborate Chozo markings, located in Chozo-created areas. The walls project rippling energy signifying they contain Chozo Lore. How the energy is projected is unknown. After scanning the Lore, the rippling stops. The Lore can still be re-scanned, however.

Shimmering walls are similar to the artwork from which Bryyo Data is obtained in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, in that the walls on which they are scanned stand out by rippling flame with a design (language writing or artwork) on it; when scanned, the rippling stops. However, Chozo Lore can still be scanned again after that, but the Bryyo Data (with one exception) cannot.

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