Fuel Gel Pool Golem Head

Fuel Gel Pool

Ship Grapple Points are heavy objects that cannot be picked up by Samus' normal Grapple Lasso, instead, the Ship Grapple is needed. They are initially used to obtain an Energy Cell on Bryyo and construct the Theronian Bomb on Elysia.

Logbook entryEdit


Ship Grapple Point

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Temporary scan

Scan complete.
This is a viable attach point for the Ship Grapple Beam.

Logbook entry

Objects with a Ship Grapple Point are capable of being lifted by your gunship. By using the Command Visor and targeting the icon over these points, you will be able to lift and move large objects. Objects in the environment that shimmer purple are able to be moved with your gunship.

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