This is the room in the single player room. For the multiplayer arena, see Sic Transit (Level).

Sic Transit is located in Metroid Prime Hunters on the planet Arcterra.


The Sic Transit is situated near the Arcterra Gateway. In this room Samus first encounters enemy hunters Trace and Noxus battling. When Samus enters, the Doors seal and Samus is forced to battle Noxus. Trace fires at both hunters from a sniping point in the room. Once Samus defeats Noxus, Trace will leave and the rest of the room can be explored. However, the flight of both of Samus' adversaries will not unseal the doors in this room.

In order to leave the room, Samus must find and scan 6 Proxy Locks hidden throughout the room. This will reveal a Shield Key that will open one of the doors, which leads to an Alimbic Artifact. Once Samus collects the artifact, the rest of the doors will open and Samus can continue to explore Arcterra. This room also contains Voldrums, and numerous Psycho Bits. During the escape from Arcterra, Samus fights Trace properly in this room.

Connecting roomsEdit



Energy Tank
This item can be found in a small tunnel near where the Alimbic Artifact was.
Attameter Artifact
See above


Proxy Lock
"PROXY LOCK (number)* OF (number)* DEACTIVATED."

* any number 1-6

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