Sic Transit Level

Sic Transit is a multiplayer map in Metroid Prime Hunters. It is the seventh multiplayer stage available. It is covered in a blanket of snow and has a cloudy sky, similar to Subterranean and Fault Line.

The arena consists of two divided snowy areas with lots of places for cover, such as ramps and below a ruined bridge. Jump Pads placed around shoot hunters up to another broken area from which the bridge is accessible. The bridge is the ideal place for camping. The Imperialist is available on this bridge. Double Damage, a cloak, Affinity Weapon, Shock Coil and Battlehammer are also available here.

Secret WorldEdit

There are several ways to enter a Secret World in Sic Transit.

  • Using the Jump Pad that launches hunters to flat ground, the hunter can jump into a broken section of the wall. Jumping repeatedly into the broken part of the wall should push the hunter into the Secret World. They must land properly to stay in it.
  • Weavel, going to the corridor with the Shock Coil, must step into the nook with a yellowish light, which also features a broken pillar. Jumping towards it in Halfturret form, Weavel should be propelled almost through the ceiling, and he will end up in the Secret World. The floor here is unstable and he may fall through the floor to his death.
  • In the same corridor, any Bounty Hunter must step into the nook with the blue light, and jump into the right corner repeatedly. Persistence will bring the hunter into the Secret World.

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