Metroid: Zero Mission Silver Space Pirate

Silver Space Pirates are a very resilient form of Space Pirate encountered in Super Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission.

Metroid: Zero MissionEdit

Chronologically, Samus first encounters Silver Space Pirates in Metroid: Zero Mission. They are found in several locations aboard the Space Pirate Mother Ship, most notably just before the escape-ship bay with the Escape Ship Samus needs in order to escape. This version attacks like any ordinary Space Pirate, but is considerably faster and more durable, requiring a great many shots to defeat. They are vulnerable to Beam attacks only.

Super MetroidEdit


Super Metroid Silver Space Pirate

The Silver Pirates (Sometimes known as "Ninja Pirates") are found in Ridley's Lair (several rooms before Samus fights Ridley). These Zebesians are always encountered in pairs, and are characterized by their dull silver-colored armor, which is invulnerable to all types of weaponry in its normal state, including the Screw Attack. However, when they make a diving kick at Samus, their armor briefly turns yellow, leaving them open to attack for a second. They attack by throwing their claws at Samus, somersaulting and by using two kick variations (one of them is used only at close-range). In order for her to defeat them she must jump over them, which will make them somersault into the air, quickly followed with a jump kick; it is at this moment where they turn yellow and Samus can fire Missiles, Super Missiles, or Charge Beam shots at them.

The fact that the Silver Space Pirates turn yellow when jump kicking, makes it plausible that they have some sort of temporary shield or force field around them, which will disengage for a short moment when making a difficult movement.

Their defeat opens up a Metal Door; Samus encounters Ridley several rooms afterward. A second pair is encountered during the escape sequence after Mother Brain's defeat when Samus reaches the original Tourian: one shot from her Hyper Beam instantly kills both Silver Pirates. Interestingly, all of the Space Pirates featured in the reconstructed Tourian during the self-destruct sequence are silver-colored, but unlike the pairs seen in Lower Norfair and old Tourian (the latter now integrated with Crateria), they attack like standard Zebesian pirates. Through hacking or retaining Missiles in the escape, these pirates are shown to have more health than most other pirates of their color.


  • The Gold Space Pirates of Metroid Fusion strongly resemble Silver Space Pirates in Super Metroid as they must be defeated before access to Neo-Ridley is granted and two must be defeated to open the door. These can only be damaged by attacking their backs, though the Screw Attack easily defeats them.

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