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Sliding platforms are a type of movement system used by the Galactic Federation onboard the BOTTLE SHIP that resembles both a Zebesian Zip line and an Elysian Zipline Cable. The devices consist of a large metal platform that moves along a predetermined track, and possess a Grab Ledge on their front surface that Samus can cling to using her Power Grip ability- when she attaches herself, the device will start to move until it reaches the end of the track, comes into contact with an obstruction, or until Samus breaks contact, at which point it will reverse itself and return to its resting position.

In the Biosphere, one appears in one of the water-filled corridors near the Bioweapon Research Center, and is activated via a Sensor in the water. Samus can hold onto the transport to get over the water and up to a higher ledge. However, she must take down several ceiling-hanging Whipvines in the way. Another appears in Experiment Floor 3, and is used to get to a Morph Ball tunnel leading to an Energy Tank, without any requirement to activate. In the Cryosphere, various ice structures block most of the mechanism's path, they can be destroyed with a Missile. The mechanism is used to reach a higher ledge with a Terminal that will activate a door.


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