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Mining Plaza

Mining Plaza

Solar lenses are Luminoth technology that has a gameplay role twice in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, both times in the Agon Wastes. They focus light for various purposes, often to activate a system. The lenses are red and can be aligned to increase sunlight onto a powered system.

In the Mining Plaza, the solar lenses are not able to be used until Samus has the Echo Visor. Using it, Samus can spot sonic transmitters that are part of a Luminoth sonic security system and destroy them. Doing so raises all three lenses until they are aligned. A beam of sunlight shines through them onto an Echo Gate, causing it to retract and reveal an Energy Tank. This Tank can be reached via the Screw Attack.

In the Portal Terminal, solar lenses play a part in the room's conveyor system. Their original purpose when the conveyor system was used to transport Kinetic Orbs is unknown. In the present day, the lenses and system have been converted into a Portal generation system. While travelling through the tunnels in the wall via Morph Ball, Samus must Bomb three blocks of Talloric Alloy, each of which lowers a solar lens. Once these lenses are aligned, sunlight pours in and powers the generator, allowing Samus to access the Dark Agon Wastes.


Mining Plaza
"Object scan complete.
Solar lens modified for use as part of a Luminoth sonic security system.
Lens is connected to a sonic control system. Sonic detection gear needed to interface with this system. Neutralizing the control emitter may affect the lens."
Portal Terminal
"Structural analysis complete.
Industrial solar lens, part of a system used to open a portal to Dark Aether."

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