Beam Ammo Expansion Agon

Samus behind the shield with part of it in view.

A Space Pirate defense shield is an energy shield that Samus encounters in the Central Mining Station. Pinkish in color, it was salvaged from the Space Pirate starship that was shot down by the G.F.S. Tyr and reused in the Station. It is indestructible and cannot be destroyed with any of Samus' weapons. However, a tunnel extends into the alcove that the shield covers, but it is obstructed by a Space Pirate portable generator. Once Samus destroys this generator using a "Vigilance" Class Turret from across the room, she can enter the tunnel and get behind the shield. Behind the shield is a Beam Ammo Expansion and J-Stl's body, which provides clues as to the location of his Sky Temple Key.


"Analysis complete.
Space Pirate defense shield is active.
Shield was taken from the wreckage of a Space Pirate starship. It is impervious to your weaponry."

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