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The Space Pirates battle theme first appeared in Metroid Prime and later was remixed in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and Metroid Prime Pinball. In the Metroid Prime & Fusion Original Soundtracks, this theme was titled VS. Space Pirates (VS.スペースパイレーツ?). The Echoes version is included with the Samus Archives Sound Selection CD.


The Space Pirates theme is frantic and shrill in tone, befitting the aggressive nature of the evil Space Pirates who attack Samus Aran on sight. Each version has a different mix to it. The Echoes version adds extra drums, and overall sounds darker and less shrill. The Corruption version is once again shrill but adds orchestral instruments to make it sound more dramatic.

In Prime, the "Pirate Yoin" theme often plays after battles with Space Pirates. Before the first battle with multiple, non-injured Pirates at the entrance to Glacier One, a "stealth" version can be heard in the Specimen Storage room. In Echoes, the Pirate Fear theme plays instead, with Pirate Encounter Prelude playing before Pirate battles.

Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt features a remix of the Space Pirates theme that plays in the trailer for Metroid Prime Hunters.

In Metroid Prime: Federation Force, the theme is remixed for the Shooting Range, which features targets with Space Pirate likenesses, and M22: Convergence. These versions are arranged as orchestral militaristic marches.

The theme from Prime can be heard here: [1], the theme from Echoes here: [2], the theme from First Hunt here: [3], the theme from Pinball here: [4], the theme from Corruption here: [5], the Federation Force shooting range theme here: [6], and the Federation Force M22 theme here: [7].


  • The theme sounds similar to the track "Futile Escape" from the movie Aliens, a film which some Metroid games have taken plot inspiration from.
  • Aspects of the theme can be heard mixed into the Mystery Creature's battle music and Nemesis Ridley in Metroid: Other M.