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"Dragoon" Battle Drone to Aries-Class Transport Vessel
Aries-class Transport Vessel to Bomb
Bomb Block to Chozo mark
Chozo philosopher to Dark Portal
Dark Portals to Elavator
Elben Schafers to Flower (Disambiguation)
Flux Control to Grab Ledge
Gragnol to Hurry Up
Hussar to Kobe
Koben to Luminoth Distress Signal Thought Cluster
Luminoth Door to Metroid Database
Metroid Detector to N64
NARPAS SWORD to Phase Sprite
Phaz-Ing to Prime trilogy
Princess to SRX
SRX388 to Sensemove
Sensitivity to SpiderBall
Spider Ball to Tetra galaxy
Thalyys to ULF 4 (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)
ULF 5 to Xenoresearch A Lift
Xenoresearch B to モーフボール

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