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"Dragoon" Battle Drone to Arcterra Gateway (Level)
Arctherus to Blue Smoke
Blue Suit to Child Mode
Chisato Morishita to Dangerous liquid (Disambiguation)
Danny Richardson to Drivel
Droid to Federation Meeting Chambers
Federation Mk XIII multiturret to Gateway Access
Gateway Hall to Helix Missile
Helix Missile Pod to Jet Boots
Jet boots to Light Portals
Light Shaft to Map Station (Phendrana Drifts)
Map Station Mines to Mii Bobblehead
Mii Fighters to Official Nintendo Magazine
Olbap to Pirate Data
Pirate Drone to Recharge Station
Recon Scout to Sandgrass
Sandigger to Simulated desert area
Single Mission to Stevenson screen
Stiletto to Thermal visor
Theronian Bomb to Violet Crystal
Virginia to モーフボール

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