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"Dragoon" Battle Drone to Arcterra Gateway (Level)
Arctherus to Blue Smoke
Blue Suit to Child Mode
Chisato Morishita to Dangerous liquid (Disambiguation)
Danny Richardson to Drivel
Droid to Federation Meeting Chambers
Federation Mk XIII multiturret to Gateway Access
Gateway Hall to Helix Missile Pod
Hell to Jet pack
Jigglypuff to Light Shafts
Light Shield to Marauder-class battleship
Maridia to Miiverse
Mike McGillicuty to Old Bird
Old ways to Pirate Frigate Escaped
Pirate Grenade to RedGrass
Red & Blue Arrow to Sap Sac
Sap Sack to Siriacus
Site Manager to Sting Bomb
Stinglarva to Thorn Jungle Airdock
Thran to Visor-Select Screen
Visor Opacity to モーフボール

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