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"Dragoon" Battle Drone to Ardis
Ardis system to Blueroot Tree
Blueroot tree to Chozebo
Chozo to Dark Agon Temple Key
Dark Agon Temple Key 1 to Dual-Control Force Field
Duck Hunt to Field Wall
Fiery to Gene Kohler
General Adam Malkovich to Hint system
Hip Tanaka to Juggling Bonus - 10
Juggling Bonus - 20 to List of Metroid Passwords
List of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Version Differences to Max Factory
Max Szlagor to Misawa
Missile to Option Mode
Options to Plain of Dark Worship
Planet Aether to Reliquary I
Reliquary II to Save Station B (Disambiguation)
Save Station B (Eastern SkyTown) to Skytown
Skytown East to Sub-zero sector ARC
Sub Guardian to Touch & Go
Tourian to Wanderer-class
War Golem to モーフボール

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