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"Dragoon" Battle Drone to Arm Cannon
Arm pumping to Bomb Parasite
Bomb Parasites to Chykka 3
Chykka Defeated to Dark Torvus Bog
Dark Torvus Energy Controller to Elite Pirate
Elite Pirate Forces to Frozen Pike
Fruit to Gray Door
Gray Hatch to Ice Missile Blast Shield
Ice Parasite to Lana
Land to MP3:C
MP3C to Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Manga
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Multiplayer to Nintendo Land
Nintendo Monopoly to Phendrana Canyon
Phendrana Drifts to Radiation collector
Radioactive Sludge to Saturnine
Save to Sky Temple
Sky Temple Energy Controller to Sub Guardian
Subchamber to Training Chamber Access
Training Drone to ULF 70
ULF 70 (Metroid Prime) to William
William Davenport to Zuru

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