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"Dragoon" Battle Drone to Aries-class vessel
Aries Transport Vessel to Bomb Bug
Bomb Data to Chozo script
Chozo shaman to Dark Samus
Dark Samus/Gallery to Electro Lob
Electro Voldrum to Force Field
Force One to Grant Henry
Grapple to Hydrochamber Storage
Hydrodynamo Shaft to Kouichi Abe
Kra to Luminoth Tech Crate
Luminoth Temple to Metroid Fusion Link
Metroid Fusion Special Edition to NSamus
NZG41 to Phazon Energy Lance
Phazon Enhancement Device to Protoplasm
Proving Grounds to Samus' Gunship
Samus' New Gunship to Sheilded Head Module
Shelbug to Spires
Splinter to The Locker
The Lord Artisan to Ultra Energy Unit
Ultra Phazon Unit to Yokoi
Yoshi to モーフボール

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