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"Dragoon" Battle Drone to Arcterra Gateway
Arcterra Gateway (Level) to Blue Circle
Blue Credit to Chief Aran
Chief Astrogation Officer to Dachora
Dachoras to Dragud
Dragüd to Federation Army Special Ops Battleship Vixin IV
Federation Bureau to Gamet
Gamma to Heat Bull
Heat Worm to James
James Dargie to Lift Access
Lift Controls to Maintenance unit
Makoto Kanō to Metroid prime beams
Metroid prime entry lair to Nutrient-grade biomatter
Nōmaru Bīmu to Pierce
Pikachu to Rage Hand
Rage Hands to Samusu Aran
Samus’ gunship to Shirk
Shizuka Itoh to Spring Jumping
Spring bomb jump to The Luminoth
The Martyr to Varia Feature
Varia Suit to Zipline Cable
Zipline Station Alpha to モーフボール

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