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"Dragoon" Battle Drone to Arcterra
Arcterra Gateway to Bloodflowers
Blue-level security to Charybdis VidNews
Checkpoint Station to D.S.
DS to Dr. Mario
Dr. Vincent to Federation's Plenary Session Building
Federation Academy to Game Cube
Game Over to Head Shot (Level)
Head to the Control Tower to Iwata Asks
J-Fme to Liberty
Lichen to Main silo
Maintenance Shaft 08 to Metroid endings
Metroid excrement to NovaBeam
Nova Beam to Phyrigis
Phyrigisian to Queen Metroid
Quinn Smith to Samus Particles
Samus Sans Armure to Ship Grapple Expansion
Ship Grapple Point to Splinter Hive (theme)
Splitter to The Guardians
The Hall of the Elders to VS Metroid Prime (Head)
VS Metroid Prime (Spider) to Zero
Zero Laser to モーフボール

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