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Spinning claw

Super Metroid sprites

Spinning claws[1] are a signature attack of Kraid. The claws resemble fingers or nails, and are flung by Kraid at Samus through the air. They are less dangerous than his belly spikes, and in Kraid's most recent appearances, they can be shot for Energy Capsule or Missile Ammo pickups. The claws are infinitely generated from Kraid's body. In Metroid: Zero Mission, the claws are hurled from Kraid's right hand, while he uses his left hand to swipe at Samus. Super Metroid, the fingertips bounce off any flat surface they collide with like a boomerang, rather than exploding on contact. This means that individual spinning claws remain in the field for a longer amount of time and can hit Samus from multiple directions.


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