A far view of the stage.

Spires is a location used as a mutiplayer arena in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. It consists of two large circular floating platforms separated by a large gap over Aether, very similar to Elysia's SkyTown. The creators of this location are likely the Luminoth, as the stage features similar statues over the larger pillars and the background is the same as the Temple Grounds one. The platforms are covered in spires, which provide cover during battle. The only way to traverse from one platform to another is by using Kinetic Orb Cannons, also a Super Missile in the middle of the air can be acquired by using them.

One platform has its center occupied by a large pillar, and has several gaps on the floor, also featuring two Kinetic Orb Cannons and one Randomizer. The other platform is more simple, with two walls in the center housing a Randomizer. It also features one Kinnetic Orb Cannon.

It is unlocked after restoring Energy to the Sanctuary Temple and talking with U-Mos.

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