Stairwell is a room on the G.F.S. Valhalla in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


The Stairwell is similar in layout to the Docking Bay Access on the G.F.S. Olympus. The room has two floors, the highest of which is not immediately accessible. The first floor contains a Fuse Hint Scanbot displaying information about an Energy Cell. There are also two access ramps, but one of the two is completely broken, and the other is powerless. There are two Energy Cell Stations, both blocked by Meltable Metal that is susceptible to high-temperature weaponry. Once two Energy Cells are placed in the Stations, the left ramp will rise, allowing several Phaz-Ing to enter the room. Scattered around the room are several Galactic Federation Crates.

Connecting roomsEdit



Fuse Hint Scanbot (for Energy Cell ID: GA-7485W-2)
"This device displays data for Energy Cell ID GA-7485W-2. Information moved to Logbook."
Fuse Hint Scanbot (offline)
"Data has already been acquired from this terminal. Unit has automatically shut down."
Energy Cell Station (offline)
"Energy Cell Station. This station is inactive. It appears to be missing an Energy Cell."
Energy Cell Station (online)
"Energy Cell Station. This station is receiving power. Energy Cell locked in place."
Tallon IV Incident
"Planet Tallon IV, formerly a Chozo colony, was struck by a stellar object 50 years ago. Object was later determined to contain large quantities of Phazon. The Chozo were able to stave off the spread of Phazon, at the cost of many Chozo lives. The survivors abandoned the planet, fleeing to an unknown location. Decades later, Hunter Samus Aran responded to a distress call in the sector and discovered a Space Pirate Phazon mining station there. Aran eliminated both the pirate and Phazon threat from the planet, though not without cost."
Crashed Stiletto-Class Fighter
"Pilot was unable to safely navigate through the conveyor corridors inside the ship."
Ramp (offline)
"Access ramp lowered. Unable to reach upper floor. Unit not receiving power."
Ramp (online)
"Access ramp extended. Upper floor now accessible. Ramp locked into place."

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