Stasis Bunker - multiplayer

Stasis Bunker is a level located in the Metroid Prime Hunters multiplayer. It is essentially the same as the level in single-player mode of the same name, although the Guardians, doors and some scannable objects are absent. There are two shield-type barriers found on the base floor, and a Jump Pad in the middle. On the top floor there is a tank containing some kind of substance. The arena has two levels, and it is medium-sized. The Imperialist, Battlehammer, Volt Driver, Universal Ammunition, Missile Ammo and Affinity Weapon pickups are found in the map.

Stasis Bunker is not a default stage, and is unlocked by playing forty local games or a Wi-Fi game to unlock it.


Battle/Survival/Prime HunterEdit

The Morph Ball, Samus' Alt-Form, ranks high in speed and exceptional maneuverability, and these qualities assist her in navigating the corridors.


Noxus' Vhoscythe Alt-Form cuts through foes quickly, making the hunter a great choice for Octolith defense in the arena's tight spots.


The Volt Driver's charged aerobomb is slow to reach its destination, but when it hits, it hits hard. Bounty Hunters waiting to claim Nodes are good stationary targets for the powerful shot.

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