Storage Depot B

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Storage Depot B
Grapple beam
Samus approaches the Grapple Beam.
Game Metroid Prime
Planet/Ship Tallon IV
Area Phazon Mines
Notable features none
Significance Location of Grapple Beam
Enemies/wildlife none

Storage Depot B is a small room in Metroid Prime in the Phazon Mines. It is where Samus obtains the Grapple Beam after losing it on the Frigate Orpheon much earlier in the game. To get into the room, Samus will have to possess the Power Bombs, since she must destroy some Bendezium blocking the terminal to the final and highest floor in Ore Processing, on which Storage Depot B's door is. More Bendezium covers the door, and after destroying it, Samus can finally reobtain the Grapple Beam.

Connecting roomsEdit


Grapple Beam
In the center of the room.


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