Substation East is a room on Norion in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. It has an undamaged counterpart further into the facility, Substation West.


This room consists of a Morph Ball tunnel and a super heated floor. Samus must use the Morph Ball tunnel to avoid taking damage from the heated coils. She must move fast through the Morph Ball tunnel, as air circulation pistons found along one side of the tunnel are activated and could easily push Samus out of the tunnel to the super heated floor. After the Space Pirate attack, Samus can find a Fleet Mechanic on the north side of the room. An Energy Tank can be found in the Morph Ball tunnel.

Connecting roomsEdit


Substation East Energy Tank

Samus in her Morph Ball, about to enter the tunnel and obtain the Energy Tank. The superheated floor can be seen at left.

Energy Tank
At the start of the Morph Ball tunnel.


"Air-circulation pistons are activated and on automatic. Pump interval at five seconds."
"Turbine serves as a power source for local security and air-circulation systems."
"Caution: floor has broken away, exposing heated energy coils. Avoid contact to prevent injury."

Matt Manchester design notesEdit

"My first room was just at the tail end of the Galactic federation planet and ship worlds. there were two versions, a damaged east hallway that forced you to use the morphball tunnel, and an undamaged west hallway: [pictures]."


  • Although it looks like the Energy Tank in this room is unavoidable, Samus can find a small spot in the Morph Ball tunnel to enter right past the Energy Tank.

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