Substation West is a room on Norion in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. It has a damaged counterpart elsewhere in the facility, Substation East.


Substation West consists of a small hallway with a turbine that serves as a power source for local security and air-circulation systems. Some of the flooring of this room is super hot, so Samus must avoid walking on it to avoid taking damage. There is also a Morph Ball tunnel with randomly moving air-circulation pistons. Samus must be careful in the Morph Ball tunnel as the air-circulation pistons could push her onto the hot floor.

Connecting roomsEdit


Missile Expansion Substation West

Substation West's Missile Expansion.

Missile Expansion
The expansion lies at the end of the tunnel, behind an obstacle that lifts after the item is collected.


"Air-circulation pistons are activated and on automatic. Pump interval at five seconds."
"Caution: a section of heated energy coils is currently exposed. Avoid contact to prevent injury."
"Turbine serves as a power source for local security and air-circulation systems."
Piping system
"Piping system is extended. Unable to enter maintenance tunnel. Locate an alternate route."

Matt Manchester design notesEdit

"My first room was just at the tail end of the Galactic federation planet and ship worlds. there were two versions, a damaged east hallway that forced you to use the morphball tunnel, and an undamaged west hallway:

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