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Subterranean (Level) 1

A large courtyard, making up half of the level.

Subterranean is a level of the MPH Multiplayer. Though one would expect it to be based on the room of the same name in the single player mode of Metroid Prime Hunters, it is actually a copy of Fault Line with relocated power-ups and some rooms removed. It is composed of two large rooms connected by several paths, and it allows for both close combat and long distance sniping.

Subterranean is not a stage available by default. To unlock it, 8 local games must be played before Subterranean becomes available.


Battle/Survival/Prime HunterEdit

Cloaked and eqiupped with the Imperialist, Trace can be a silent and unseen killer on the high ledges and pillars.


In his standard form, Noxus can freeze enemies who are attempting to reach crucial positions. In his Vhoscythe Alt-Form, he can cut a wide circle to protect his territtory.


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