A Flying Pirate commits suicide.

A suicide strike is a final attack used by Flying Pirates, Aqua Pirates and Pirate Aerotroopers during the Metroid Prime series. Space Pirates live by a “death-before-dishonor” mantra, and would rather die than be captured or fail in their mission. If sufficiently damaged, they will initiate a strike wherein they launch themselves at their targets in the hopes of killing them, while killing themselves in the process. Samus will take severe damage if she is hit by a suicide strike. Using ice, fire or Phazon-based weaponry, however, will allow her to destroy an Aerotrooper before it can strike at her (with charged Plasma shots in particular having them being incinerated and dissolving into ash with a piercing shriek). Similarly, using the Wave Beam or Wavebuster will have the Aqua Pirate remain motionless and then harmlessly explode without even commencing the attack (presumably due to complete shutdown of their equipment).

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