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Super Metroid: Sound in Action front cover.

Super Metroid: Sound in Action is a music CD released only in Japan. It was released on June 22, 1994 and features music from Metroid and Super Metroid. The Metroid music was composed by Hirokazu Tanaka and Super Metroid music was composed by Kenji Yamamoto and Minako Hamano, giving the CD a total runtime of 58:49.

The first four tracks of the CD are arranged versions of Super Metroid themes, followed by a fifth track that is an arranged version of Ending (Metroid). These arrangements use higher-quality instruments than what the SNES was capable of producing.

The Metroid music appears to have been ripped from recordings of the Family Computer Disk System game and not from development files. Many of them contain in-game sound effects and do not contain the complete music track. The Super Metroid soundtrack is comparatively higher-quality.


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Note: These names are unofficially translated from Japanese.

  1. Theme of Super Metroid
  2. Crateria - The Space Pirates Appear
  3. Theme of Samus Aran: Galactic Warrior
  4. Super Metroid Ending
  5. Metroid Ending
  6. Title
  7. Appearance Fanfare~Brinstar
  8. Norfair Area
  9. Ridley's Chamber
  10. Kraid's Chamber
  11. Tourian
  12. Zebetite
  13. Escape!
  14. Ending
  15. Opening (Destruction of the Space Colony)
  16. Theme of Super Metroid
  17. Planet Zebes - Arrival on Crateria
  18. Crateria - The Space Pirates Appear
  19. Brinstar Overgrown With Vegetation Area
  20. Brinstar Red Soil Swampy Area
  21. Norfair Hot Lava Area
  22. Theme of Samus Aran: Galactic Warrior
  23. Wrecked Ship
  24. Maridia Rocky Underwater Area
  25. Maridia Drifting Sand Underwater Area
  26. Norfair Ancient Ruins Area
  27. Mini Boss Confrontation (Spore Spawn, Botwoon)
  28. Big Boss Confrontation (Ridley, Draygon)
  29. Big Boss Confrontation (Kraid, Crocomire, Phantoon)
  30. Samus Aran's Appearance Fanfare
  31. Item Acquisition Fanfare
  32. Samus Aran's Final Cry
  33. Mysterious Statue Chamber
  34. Tourian
  35. Mother Brain
  36. Escape
  37. Planet Zebes Explodes
  38. Ending

Missing tracksEdit

Not all of the music in Metroid or Super Metroid is present on this CD. Below is a list of themes in the games that are not included:

  1. The Elevator theme from either game.
  2. The "ambient silence" theme from the Game Over screen in Super Metroid. This is a variant of that game's aforementioned Elevator theme, with everything removed except the low drone.
  3. The short Movie Ship Landing theme heard when flying back to Ceres Space Colony and then to Zebes in Super Metroid.
  4. The Ceres Space Colony theme in Super Metroid, before the encounter with Ridley.
  5. The theme that plays as the Torizo awakens in Super Metroid.
  6. The foreboding theme heard when Samus is approaching a boss in the same game, a slightly altered version of the above theme. This is also heard during the fight with Crocomire as it is swimming under the lava to try and attack Samus from the other side, and before the encounter with the Giant Metroid in Tourian.


  • The render of Samus on the cover is also present on the Super Metroid Super Famicom cartridge.