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A Super Missile Tank in Zero Mission.


A Super Missile Tank in Super Metroid.

A Super Missile Tank allows Samus Aran to increase the amount of Super Missiles she can carry in her Missile Launcher. They are only found in Super Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission. In Metroid Fusion, the Missile Expansions function as Super Missile expansions due to the Super Missile in that game overwriting the initial Missile upgrade.

The appearance of the Super Missile Tank varies in each game. In Super Metroid they have the same appearance as a Super Missile when fired, kept in a shining glass case. In Zero Mission, they look similar to Super Metroid's, but are slightly smaller inside.

Official dataEdit

Super Metroid manualEdit

"Super Missiles are much more powerful than standard Missiles. For every Super Missile Tank that you collect, you’ll be able to carry five more of these explosive items. Blocks that show the Super Missile icon can be destroyed by Super Missiles."

Metroid: Zero Mission manualEdit

"These tanks allow Samus to hold a larger number of the more powerful Super Missiles."


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