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Sviin'Ka, according to the Galactic Federation database, was the 2nd emperor of the Dynsha Dynasty. A stonework sculpture of his head can be found in the Gel Refinery Site on Bryyo.


"GF Database accessed. File BY-281
Stonework represents Sviin'Ka, the 2nd emperor of the Dynsha dynasty."


  • Sviin'Ka's bust is the only bust of a Bryyonian emperor to be found outside of the Imperial Hall. Additionally, the name of neither Sviin'Ka nor the Dynsha dynasty follow the traditional naming conventions: all other depicted emperors have five or six-letter names followed by Roman numerals, while Sviin'Ka has a seven-letter name with no numeral and an apostrophe in the middle. Every other dynasty name is comprised of a single letter followed by a hyphen and five other letters, but "Dynsha" is a single non-hyphenated word.
Preceded by:
2nd Emperor of the Dynsha Dynasty
Succeeded by:

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