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Takaya Fujii

Takaya Fujii is a sound programmer working for Nintendo. He programmed the sound effects for Metroid Fusion and Metroid: Zero Mission. Much of his work has been on handheld games. Fujii was interviewed along with Ryuichi Nakada, Takayasu Morisawa and Nobuhiro Ozaki for volume 71 of Nintendo Official Magazine in June 2004 regarding his role in the development of Zero Mission. He stated that since they were using technology from Fusion to develop the game, they could focus on improving the gameplay and sound quality. Fujii noted that they were conscious of the "mood of American comics", and tried to make the remake's sound similar to the original.

He played the original Metroid often when it was first released, and put a lot of emotion into its remake. Fujii was never able to complete Metroid however, and his Famicom Disk System eventually malfunctioned.

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