Tallon Crabs are quadrupedal crustaceans with two claws. One of their claws is much larger than the other, which is used for hunting and defensive maneuvers. Tallon Crabs generally travel in aggressive and dangerous swarms, though when isolated, they are timid and harmless. These creatures utilize similar tactics as Parasites, which also swarm for protection. These beings have an uncanny similarity to the crab depicted on the Spazer Beam upgrade, which may suggest that it held some symbolism within Chozo society before the Chozo race went extinct.

Samus encounters Tallon Crabs in Tallon Overworld on Tallon IV. They swarm at her in the Main Ventilation Shaft Section A of the crashed Space Pirate frigate Orpheon, and seem to favor aquatic environments. As suggested by the scan data collected of them, they appear to be corrupted by Phazon exposure from Phazon present at the time of the Leviathan impact.

Official dataEdit


"Tallon Crabs generally travel in huge swarms. When isolated, individual crabs are timid and harmless. Tallon Crab swarms, though, are extremely dangerous. It is possible for a hungry mass of crabs to consume a much larger lifeform in a matter of seconds.

The Tallon Crab is a quadruped crustacean with two claws. The much-larger primary claw is used for hunting and defensive manners."

Logbook entryEdit

Tallon Crab scanpic

Tallon Crab

Metroid Prime

Temporary scan

Morphology: Tallon Crab
Crustacean native of Tallon IV.

Logbook entry

Hard-shelled swarm life-form. Once harvested for food, exposure to Phazon has seen this practice diminish. Creatures are timid and harmless alone, but can be a problem when traveling in swarms.


  • This species may be related to the Sciser, as both are crab-like organisms which appear to possess three eyes.
  • Unusually, Tallon crabs do not have a heat signature when viewed through the Thermal Visor.



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