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Tallon Overworld (タローンオーバーワールド Tarōn Ōbāwārudo Tallon Overworld) is the area where Samus lands on planet Tallon IV after leaving the Space Pirate frigate Orpheon during the events of Metroid Prime. The area can be considered the central area, given that it links to every area on Tallon IV except for the Phendrana Drifts. In its eastern half is also the crash site of the Orpheon; in its western half, the Artifact Temple not too far from the landing site.


Tallon Overworld is a watery place with many plants, and is often under heavy rainfall. It is swamp-like in some areas, but most remains a wet jungle, with many large rooms. Another area of the overworld contains the wreck of the Frigate Orpheon, which crashes in the area at the beginning of the game. Tallon Overworld has elevators that link to all of the other areas of Tallon IV, except for the Phendrana region, which can only be accessed via the Magmoor Caverns. Zoomers, Geemers, and Beetles make up the bulk of the area's bioforms. Tallon Overworld is also where Meta Ridley is fought, guarding access to the Impact Crater.

Areas and Main RoomsEdit

The Tallon Overworld can be divided into four areas:

North AreaEdit

The main area in the region. It contains also the Transport to Chozo Ruins West and its accesses. It is in this area where Samus finds the Space Jump Boots.

Main RoomsEdit

NPC! MP Screen 17

The Landing Site in Tallon Overworld, New Play Control! Metroid Prime

Artifact TempleEdit

This small area overlooks the Impact Crater and contains the Artifact Temple.

Main RoomsEdit

Crashed Frigate Orpheon (East Area)Edit

The Frigate Orpheon crash-landed here, and its remains are flooded with water. This area can only be fully explored with the Gravity Suit and links the north and south areas of the overworld. It is heavily water-themed.

NPC! MP Screen 18

A corridor in Tallon Overworld.

Main RoomsEdit

South AreaEdit

After exploring the Frigate Orpheon, Samus reaches the South Area of the Tallon Overworld. Samus finds the X-Ray Visor here. This area is also notable for containing one of the game's two elevators to the Phazon Mines.

Main RoomsEdit

Power UpsEdit



  • Before Samus has acquired the Spider Ball upgrade, the music featured in this area is a remix of the original Brinstar theme from the first game, Metroid.
  • Several of the invisible platforms in this area can be seen without the X-Ray Visor; if the platform is exposed to rain, a vigilant player can see the rain splashing against what appears to be nothing.


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