Tatori is a tortoise-like creature found in Maridia, and is one of the most heavily armored creatures on Zebes. It has a large shell protecting its body, save for the legs, neck, and tail. It is refered to as "Kame" in the game's code, which is simply the Japanese word for turtle.

The Tatori can retract its limbs and spin rapidly, allowing it to "jump" (possibly a reference to the Japanese kaiju Gamera). Samus can ride on its back to acquire an Energy Tank up higher on a Grapple Point, and a Missile Expansion hidden in a wall.

Tatori, Jr. are also found in Maridia, and are the offspring of the Tatori. Normally the Tatori will not attack Samus, but should she attack one of its offspring Samus will be attacked by the spinning Tatori.

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide states: "Invincible. It tries to slam into you. You can ride on it." This is slightly incorrect as the Tatori will only attack Samus if she touches any of the Tatori infants.

Tatori have not appeared since Super Metroid. It can be assumed that they had gone extinct when Zebes exploded.

Official Data Edit

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide Edit

Enemy Data Description
Color HP ATK E BE M SM PB Maridia. Invincible. It tries to slam into you. You can ride on it.
Normal - 200 - - - - -



  • Based on the sprites of the Tatori, it appears to be a six-limbed creature, with three legs on every side of it. Its offspring, the Tatori Juniors, also seem to possess six legs.

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