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Samus in the trailer.

Teaser Movie is the name of the second released trailer for Metroid: Other M, the only of three trailers to not feature gameplay. Rather, this trailer features Samus Aran in the then-unknown location shown in the first trailer (revealed later to be Galactic Federation Headquarters), looking out a glass window. She speaks the lines: "I was a child. Always with something to prove. A chip on my shoulder. I felt that if I let my guard down I would easily be broken. Beyond that, I was scared. I was so young. Young and naive." Adam Malkovich and a young Samus in the Zero Suit can also be seen in a flashback which seems to depict events in the 2002 manga.


Metroid Other M - Nintendo Summit Cinematic Trailer01:19

Metroid Other M - Nintendo Summit Cinematic Trailer

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