Temple Transport A is a room in the Great Temple in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. It is a medium-sized room with two steps leading to an Elevator. Two Luminoth bodies can be seen on the first step.

Connecting roomsEdit


Interface Module
"Power relays connected.
Elevator unit online.
Step into the hologram to activate the elevator."
Elevator hologram
"Elevator platform active."
Temple Transport A (Great Temple) bodies

The two deceased Luminoth

Dead creature 1
"Bioscan complete.
Target has been dead for 8.1 cycles.
Target's size and muscle mass suggests heavy combat training. It's likely that it was a warrior of some kind. The lack of gear, armor, or weapons is curious. Perhaps they were taken by others of its kind?"
Dead creature 2
"Bioscan complete.
Target has been dead for 8.1 cycles.
Despite the presence of local animals, target corpse has not been disturbed. Scans suggest the presence of a toxic biochemical within the target. This may explain the lack of carrion feeding."


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