For other uses, see Temple Transport Access (Disambiguation).

Temple Transport Access is a room in Torvus Bog from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. The room comprises of a small puddle of water and some Shriekbats. A couple of Torvus Hanging Pods dangle in the air, providing extra supplies before entering the lagoon, which connects to a Save Station.

Connecting roomsEdit


3 Shriekbats
"Morphology: Shriekbat
Territorial flying rodents.
Rapid-flying, explosive enemies. Target and eliminate enemy at range if possible."


Torvus Hanging Pod
"Morphology: Torvus Hanging Pod
Field cache for Luminoth military.
Designed to hold crucial munitions and supplies for Luminoth warriors. Some may still contain useful items left over from the war."
Telekinetic barrier
"The energy of Torvus cannot leave the land it is bound to.
Return the energy to the Torvus Temple."

This will appear if Samus attempts to leave the Bog without returning its energy to the Torvus Energy Controller.

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